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Features Included in Your Free Account

Your Seller Repay dashboard comes fully-packed with tools for tracking FBA fees and lost, damaged, or missing inventory

Maximize Amazon Reimbursements

Our free software does an efficient audit of your seller account to identify every Amazon FBA reimbursement opportunity you can claim for.

Uncover additional revenue for your FBA business that could otherwise have been lost.

Minimize Amazon FBA Fees

Fulfilment fees can fluctuate every day. By inputting your product dimensions we can help you prevent thousands in lost profits.

Our easy to use FBA FEE CALCULATOR makes raising cases for inaccurate fees a breeze! We constantly monitor the weights and measurements of your products, ensuring you stay on top of any potential errors.

Increase Your Amazon Seller Profits

Seller Repay removes the headache of keeping track of your missing and damaged inventory.

Identify lost, missing, and destroyed goods and submit accurate claims.

100% Amazon ToS Compliant

As Amazon sellers ourselves, we know how important your seller account is to you. We also know that Amazon DOES NOT appreciate being spammed with automated claims.

We manage your case data for you so that you’ll never exceed opening limits over a 24 hour period, whilst also helping to ensure you enjoy a higher success rate with your claims.

Seller Repay accesses your Seller Central account exclusively via the
Amazon Merchant Web Services Application Program Interface (MWS API).

It’s the same method and technology used by tools that you may already use
(Junglescout, Helium10 and virtually every other amazon seller tool out there).

The software syncs with your Amazon seller account within the secured AWS platform.

Find out how much you’re owed with our free Amazon seller tool

Create your free account comes with several features to help you increase your Amazon seller profits and grow your FBA business

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How It Works

Claim your FBA reimbursement with a few clicks

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Sign up and link your Amazon seller account

Once you sign up and link your Amazon account, Seller Repay will immediately get to work scanning your relevant reports for FBA reimbursement opportunities.

Our software syncs with your Amazon seller account using the Amazon MWS-API within the secured AWS platform. It will download data on your damaged & lost inventory reports and scan these to check for refund-eligible claims so you can recover funds that might otherwise have been lost.

If you’re worried about security, rest assured that Seller Repay does not have the ability to access your Seller Central account.

Start an account audit

File a claim on Amazon with just a few clicks!

Within 72 hours, we provide you with all the necessary data to start opening cases with Amazon. You’ll receive a notification email when it’s time to get started.

With our custom generated case messages, submitting claims takes just a few seconds. Relevant information is already included and we provide as much context as possible in order to make it easier for Seller Support to review the claim.

Track your Amazon refund claims

Track the responses to your cases in real time

Your interactive dashboard updates in real time giving you full visibility over the process. Start maximising your profits and minimising your workload today!

We manage your case data for you so that you’ll never exceed opening limits over a 24 hour period, whilst also helping to ensure you enjoy a higher success rate with your claims.

Easy and risk-free FBA refund manager

Pay only once your claim is approved and paid

SellerRepay is completely free to join – there is no monthly cost to using our service.

We charge a flat rate 20% commission on any reimbursements you receive.

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