Whether you are a newbie or professional, you need to spend many hours a day sourcing profitable products and find high-quality leads. But as a newbie seller, it’s hard to know the best sourcing method and scrapping tools. Also, as a professional seller, it’s essential to diversify the sourcing methods and spend less time on finding product and more time on other aspects of the business

Online arbitrage relies on good sourcing. So, finding profitable leads is vital for this business. There are different ways to source your items but many sellers prefer using online arbitrage sourcing lists because it is time effective, hassle-free, and let them focus on managing their business. That’s why many sellers have selected OABeans online arbitrage sourcing lists.

Here we are going to talk about online arbitrage sourcing, then we highlight the criteria you need to consider while selecting an online arbitrage sourcing list service and explain what makes OABeans lists different.

What is online arbitrage sourcing list?

If you are just beginning this business, finding high-quality leads can be very frustrating. You need to look for the items manually (that usually doesn’t go very well!) or use many tools and software that can be confusing and money-consuming. As a professional, you should spend most of your time on finding profitable deals instead of improving your knowledge and scaling your business.

Online arbitrage sourcing lists usually include about 10 leads that are sent to your Email daily. The sheet you get every day usually includes the name of the product, source and Amazon websites, category, ASIN, profit, ROI, rank, and estimated sales. If the sheet includes information like price history, Amazon Stock, or IP Complaint can be helpful and time-saving.

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What is OABeans?

OABeans is a popular service provider that is working more than ten years in trading and four years at selling on Amazon. This company is sharing and selling its expertise as online arbitrage sourcing lists to help the sellers to find high-quality leads easily and time-effective. OABeans is using professional experts in different fields, from experienced sellers to code programmers. All are trying to meet the sellers’ expectations and provide the best deals.

What are the OABeans sourcing list criteria?

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced seller, you have different expectations of your listing. While many ASINs or brands are gated for newbies and they look for the “ungated” items to sell, professionals need more competitive categories to increase the profit and scale up their business. Here is a list of the most important criteria that OABeans consider to provide high-quality leads and you need to know:

1. Are the leads gated or ungated?

To protect the customers and brands from counterfeit activity, certain products, categories, or brands are restricted. It means if you are a beginner you need to pass an approval process to be allowed to sell the product. If you want to sell open categories, you need to select ungated leads.

OABeans offers 100% ungated leads that are designed for newbies. If you are a professional seller and look for more competitive categories and items, OABeans’ Pinto plan includes both gated and ungated ASINs.

2. Are the sourcing websites various enough?

Walmart.com and Target.com are well-known suppliers in the Amazon FBA business. you don’t need to be an experienced seller to know these two great shops.

Although they offer great deals and service, they run out of stock quickly and it can make sellers frustrated. Finding profitable items from more unfamiliar suppliers and websites causes you don’t see an “Out of stock” message!

OABeans uses searching software combined with a team of virtual assistants to check various suppliers and select the most reliable ones.

3. Are the profit margin and ROI meet my demands?

Every company has criteria for the minimum ROI (Return on investment) and profit margin to select the leads. Before selecting the provider, you need to assure that the average ROI and margin can meet your demand.

OABeans sends more than 180 Amazon FBA arbitrage leads per month, which on average, have 65% ROI and 12$ net profit. The costs that are considered to calculate net profit and ROI are referral fee, variable closing fee, fulfillment fee and 1-month storage fee and finally buying price. They deduct the expenses from the Amazon price to calculate net profit.

4. Are the items profitable just NOW?

Sometimes a product is profitable now, but it doesn’t mean that it was profitable for a long time (and so it’s less likely to be profitable in the future).

OABeans has provided a Price History Badge. They check Amazon’s price chart history in the last 30 and 90 days. The 90-day badge means if you assess the buy box price over the previous 90 days, the lead is profitable. And the same for the 30-day badge. This way, you could buy the product with confidence.

5. Is the ranking of the products satisfying?

Seller ranking represents how well a product is sold. The less the percentage the product is more favorite in its category. Try to select a service that offers a suitable seller rank.

OABeans’ leads on average are in the top 0.6% Best Seller Rank.

6. Do the items have a standard size?

Buying, storing, and shipping oversized items cost more than normal. If you are doing Amazon FBA business it’s necessary to avoid selling bulky or heavy items.

In OAbeans all the items have standard size.

7. How many sellers are buying the same sourcing lists?

Too crowded sourcing lists cause more competition. In addition, the suppliers run out of stock faster, and supplying your listing will be harder.
So OABeans’ lists are sent to only 35 sellers to keep the number of sellers that are buying an item as small as possible.

8. Are the items are sold currently by Amazon?

When Amazon is selling an item, they usually can sell it at a lower price than other sellers. In addition, as long as Amazon is selling a product, no seller can win the Buy Box. This can cause the sellers to lose money.

OABeans never send a lead that Amazon is currently selling it. Also, the virtual assistants check Amazon in Stock Availability History to avoid products that Amazon might sell in the future.

9. Are the products checked for IP Complaints?

Some brands are likely to receive IP Claims and put the seller account at risk. Receiving several Intellectual Property complaints can lead to suspension.

OABeans understands the risk of IP Claims for your business and all the leads are IP Complaints free, even bonus leads!

10. Can HAZMATs be sold using Amazon FBA?

HAZMAT is an abbreviation for “hazardous materials” are the products that can be dangerous for human or the environment like toxic chemicals or fuels. Amazon doesn’t usually store these items in its warehouses or ship them to the customers. If you want to resell HAZMATs you need to store them personally or choose special warehouses.

In OABeans, the experts try to choose the leads that make the online arbitrage easy for the sellers, so the products that can’t be sold through Amazon FBA aren’t listed.

What does OABeans offer for online arbitrage?

OABeans team uses different software and codes alongside the human mind to select high-quality leads. The experience of professional sellers, software experts, programing code writers, market analysts, and virtual assistants make OABeans’ service different. Every day you find fresh leads in your inbox without any headache. OABeans provides two lists for beginners and professionals. Beginners are usually worried about “gated” products and the Fayot plan is designed for them. Here is a list of what OABeans offering:

OABeans Fayot list (For newbies)

  • 5-7 Fresh Leads Per Day (Mon-Fri)
  • 100% Ungated Products
  • Min 30% ROI
  • 4$ to 50$ Profit per Lead
  • Top 1.5% Best Sellers Rank
  • Not Sold by Amazon
  • No Oversize Products
  • Including 30-Day & 90-Day Price History Badges
  • Only for 35 People
  • No Fixed Contract
  • Unlimited Support

OABeans Pinto list (For professionals)

  • 7-10 Fresh Leads Per Day (Mon-Fri)
  • Min 30% ROI
  • 4$ to 50$ Profit per Lead
  • Top 1.5% Best Sellers Rank
  • Not Sold by Amazon
  • No Oversize Products
  • Including 30-Day & 90-Day Price History Badges
  • Only for 35 People
  • No Fixed Contract
  • Unlimited Support

In addition to main leads, OABeans send free bonus leads. Also, by subscribing at OABeans.com you can get 5-day free leads.

Try it now for 7-days with no hassle

If at any time during your first 7 days as a member, you’re not completely delighted with the leads for any reason, simply send an email and your subscription price will be refunded completely and promptly. No question asked.

Final Thought

Purchasing an online arbitrage sourcing list is one of the effective ways to save your time during an online arbitrage business. But before selecting a service provider you need to consider a few tips. Using experienced sellers and virtual assistants have made OABeans’ team successful in providing high-quality leads for both newbies and professional sellers.


About the Author: Matthew Azimi

Matthew Azimi is the manager at OABeans, a company that provides Amazon online arbitrage sourcing lists for the Amazon sellers.

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