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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-04-01T17:06:22+01:00
Who do I contact for support?2021-03-31T21:16:48+01:00

If you have questions relating to any aspect of our service you can get in touch with us by emailing support@sellerrepay.com. We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours.

How do I reset my password?2021-03-31T21:11:08+01:00

You can reset your password here: Reset Password

Can I update my credit card information?2021-03-31T21:10:17+01:00

Yes, to update the credit/debit card on file, login to your Seller-Repay dashboard and go to the settings menu on the left hand side, click on Card, then enter your valid card details and click Activate.

Which Amazon marketplaces does Seller Repay support?2021-03-31T21:02:35+01:00

Seller Repay currently supports all five EU marketplaces, United Kingdom Germany France Italy and Spain. We also cover the US and Canada too!

What kind of access does Seller Repay need to my Amazon account?2021-03-31T19:46:50+01:00

You must be an Amazon FBA Seller in order to use Seller-Repay. We need your MWS API credentials to sync with your account. Getting connected takes only a couple of clicks. We use this access to run reports relating to the reimbursements.
All data is secured via  SSL  and  SHA-256  encryption and we are  PCI compliant. Your data is kept strictly confidential and is encryption protected.

I’ve heard using such software can endanger my seller account. Why should I trust Seller Repay?2021-03-31T19:45:12+01:00

Our service is 100% safe and Amazon TOS compliant. We manage the amount of cases you can open at any one time, so you will never exceed daily opening limits. This benefit is actually two-fold, as experience has shown us that limiting the number of cases generated also greatly increases the success rate of the claim with seller support.

What type of cases does Seller Repay cover?2021-03-31T19:42:25+01:00
  • Missing From Inbound
  • Inbound Shipment claims not eligible in the reconcile tab
  • Fulfilment Fee Overcharges
  • Fulfilment Fee Reductions
  • Inventory Lost in the FBA Warehouse
  • Inventory Damaged in the FBA Warehouse
  • Inventory Lost/Damaged During FC Transfer
  • Claims that were partially reimbursed
  • Customer was Refunded and the Item was never returned after 45 days
  • Customer was Refunded and sent the item back in Unfulfillable Condition
  • Customer Returns that were damaged by the carrier or by Amazon and were not reimbursed.
  • Inventory that was destroyed by Amazon
  • Items that were Damaged during the Inbound Process
How much does it cost?2021-04-08T17:36:31+01:00

We charge a flat 20% commission on whatever reimbursements you are able to recover using our service. For example; If you generated cases worth £/€1000,00 in reimbursements on your account, our fee would be £/€200,00 . If you don’t generate any reimbursements, there is no fee. Simple!

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