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About Rob McCartney

Rob McCartney is the CEO and co-founder of Seller Repay. He is also a longtime Amazon seller and is the owner of All Things Accessory Ltd. Launched in late 2013, All Things Accessory has gone on to enjoy great success on the Amazon platform, becoming a recognised brand producing a range of high-quality health & fitness products. Rob began his Seller Repay journey during the summer of 2020. Initially designed as an ‘in house’ system to help mitigate his own FBA losses, Rob quickly realised it could greatly benefit the rest of the FBA seller community. Seller Repay is the result of a ceaseless drive to develop an easy-to-use system that takes the stress out of Amazon reimbursements. Hundreds of hours of research and development have gone into creating a tool capable of delivering consistently reliable results for its users.
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